What is a “fan”?

It doesn’t matter what medium or form of entertainment/amusement/learning you adhere to.  Everyone is probably a fan of something.  But there always seems to be varying grades.  There are fans who buy tons of things related to the series, fans who have a casual interest, and many other categories.  But one of the most frustrating things to see is hatred of certain fans.  Many times, a dominant group will chide another for being part of the casual crowd.  If someone becomes interested in a series like Lord of the Rings or Star Trek, they may be criticized by someone whose been a fan for nearly their entire lives.  I understand that some people are considerably versed in a topic, but we shouldn’t ostracize others who are still willing to learn, even at such a late stage.  I myself only became a fan of the under-appreciated video game Earthbound last year.  Yet I find it rather heartwarming to see such a devoted fan community.

Encourage, but don’t force.  Invite and they shall learn more.

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