Why Disney is evil/contemptible/deragatory adjective/nitpickycriticism/something

When we think about dreams, fantasy, and all the wondrous things in life, what’s the name we think of?  Why it’s Dreamworks of course!  How can you argue with a company with “dream” in its name.  But Disney comes a close second.  From theme parks to video games, Disney is a pretty ubiquitous name.  And in the area of animation, it is those works from Disney which are considered amongst the best(or so records say).  Its influence is undeniable…unfortunately.  For some reason, all of our tastes are dead.  Instead of quality violence and humor from Looney Tunes, Ren and Stimpy, as well as Dingo Pictures(never heard of them? You can blame Disney for that too), we are constantly bombarded by wholesome aesops and sugary sweetness from the mouse company.  It brainwashes people, and makes them mindless slaves who sing songs and make people happy.  And today, we’re here to list the reasons why Disney is contemptible/evil/some excuse to bash Disney because/ irrational hatred.

1. Disney is too kid-friendly
* It’s a sad fact of life, but kids run things in this world.  We want to keep the future generation alive, don’t we? Unfortunately, these creatures are among the most dimwitted and philistine in taste, and wouldn’t be able to spot quality entertainment if it stabbed them in eye with acidic forks.  But, we have to appeal to the children by being nice?  Who cares!  Kids are litttle imps. They don’t deserve sugary entertainment.  And neither do adults.

2. Disney appeals to adults
* Another demographic which continually mucks up entertainment standards are adults.  Perhaps the only people who like Disney are barely developed fetuses and nostalgic nutcases.   Their era has long since past, and we shouldn’t allow them to dictate what is rightfully the decision of the kids.

3. Disney has too many musical numbers
* Music is the worst; Can’t anyone talk normally anymore?  It’s like any random topic needs a musical number to convey their thoughts.  It just makes the movie even more hard to sit through doesn’t it?

4. Disney doesn’t have enough musical numbers
that’s the only reason why people watch Disney anymore, how can they be so stupid?  Get back that Alan Minken guy or something, make some more of those musical films so other companies can copy you.

5. Walt Disney was an anti-semite
It says so on wikipedia!  He was a jerk, which means that he was a nazi, and hated children and was part of an alliance of EVIL.  Because clearly that’s how morality works, right?

6. Disney isn’t like Warner Bros
I don’t even know why Disney is so popular, it’s obviously destructive ducks and trickster bunnies that are the norm

7. Disney tries to copy the norm
I thought they were supposed to be original!  They’re supposed to be the market leaders in the animation industry! I expected more from them.

8. Disney makes loose adaptions of the works
Obviously it is the job of a company to be as close as possible to the source material.  The closer and more accurate the movie is, the better the movie is(just look at Harry Potter!)

9. Disney doesn’t make anymore fairy tales
Similar to my gripe about musicals, that’s what they’re good at isn’t it?  Geez, get your priorities straight, mouse house

10. Disney bought marvel

Marvel is ruined forever!!! nuff said.
11. Disney is too dark

I thought kids were supposed to be able to watch this! Who thought putting Satan in a cartoon was appropriate!  Disney should always be a vessel of sugary sweetness and politcal correctness.

I don’t feel that I need to list many more.  The grievances I hold against this monstrous, monolithic organization are numerous.  Michael Eisner needs to be sacked if the company is to survive, I mean, if the company is to become more…you know what, that’s how confusing this issue is.

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