Music Genres(Off the Cuff #1)

Hello everyone, as you’ve probably already realized this is a blog which very sporadically updates. I sincerely apologize for my combination of laziness and misplaced focus. To space out things a bit better, I’ve decided to write a few more casual posts.  Rather than putting too much deliberation, this is more designed to simply state personal feelings and current thoughts. Let’s see how it goes.

Time for a New Year slate


I’m really not someone who remembers too many individual songs. While there are times when I’ve attempted to compile a playlist, generally I just go on Youtube and type in something like “calming instrumentals” or “violin jazz”.  On one hand, it’s not as much of hassle to find new tracks and a wider variety of music rather than going by band. For me, music is more about general ideas and feelings that you experience when entranced and your senses are all freed to your surroundings stimulants. At the same time, it’s made me question whether I have much of connection to the music.

But what does this have to do with genre? I’d probably say that genre has helped me serve as a stable pillar in the organization of what I enjoy. Generally, if you like a genre of music, just listen to that. Quite frankly, there’s such a wide selection within each genre that it’d be fair to assume you’d never get tired.  But the divisions aren’t so simple. These days, an artist doesn’t set out to confine themselves so easily. The more I listen to a genre of music, the more I realize that I can’t like nearly every song with same amount of passion. Sometimes, I want to dance, other times I’m content with closing my eyes.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning a certain universal connection in regards to songs. No matter what “genres” a kind of music fits under, music will continaully be utilizing conventions which can create moods. Perhaps the use of minors to create an uneasy mood, ambient music to create more atmosphere, and the like.

As I continue to explore music in various contexts, I find that it becomes easier to lead yourself by genre for a little while, but it’s always fine to continue bridging.

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