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Too bad…

Strict teachers.

Too general of a topic?  Well, we all come across them.  And even after we finish attending school, it doesn’t end there.  We’re constantly torn between the fine line; strict but fair, or outright sadistic.  Yes, maybe we’re biased with our experiences in High School, and the fact that we’re too naive.  I’ve met teachers who come across as strict, but are always willing to help you when you ask for it.  They don’t tend to pile on tons of assignments; if they do, it usually has a purpose  other than to “take up all your time over break”.  I’m not good with dealing with tons of conflicting assignments, and it doesn’t help when certain teachers disregard that.  I’m a firm believer in “having fun helps you learn.”  So we should all try “working smarter, not harder.”  Piles of assignments won’t do as much as a meaningful project.

Too bad

One of the proverbs I just despise is the phrase “Life isn’t fair.”  It’s just so…cynical, like some villain trampling on the hero’s chest like it’s nothing.  All it does is piss me off even more rather than motivate me.  Life is subject to hardships, but it sounds like you’re not grasping the nuances of your situation.

Okay that last paragraph was going on a tangent there.  My overall point is, not all strict teachers are necessarily bad.  But I don’t necessarily like them.  Wait that doesn’t fit either….

Well there’s a balance.  Somewhat tough, lenient when it counts.

NOTE: this is all opinion, if you have some complaints, list them in the comments


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